The 89th Academy Awards

Being the self-respecting movie addict that I am, I spent Sunday night in front of my television from 1am until 7am to watch my all-time favorite televised event: The Academy Awards. As usual lots of emotions were felt, tears were shed, words were shouted at the screen and many sugary snacks were eaten. Little did I know that by the time the show would end (just as the sun was about to come up, mind you) there would be such an insane plot twist that I actually would have trouble going to sleep after pulling an all-nighter like that. Here are my thoughts on the Horrible Mistake and on the show in general.

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January favorites

I have given myself a little challenge movie/blog-wise this year and I have decided to try and watch at least five movies I have not seen before every month and then briefly talk about them on here. In January I watched Inferno, The Light Between Oceans, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, La La Land, Queen Of Katwe and Léon: The Professional. This is how I would rank them from least favorite to favorite. Continue reading